Adult Bible Study

September 13, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Suggested Plan for 2016-2017
A. What it means to be a Christian6 weeks
1. Philippians

B. Spiritual Growth and Renewal – Study of John6 weeks
1. Explore major themes of the Gospel
2.DVDs and study guides
3.It has adult, youth and children components
4.This could be a Lenten study

C. Old Testament Study 47 weeks (2yr plan)
1. Explores the literary, historical and theological issues
2. Includes maps, photos, timelines and charts
3.We can do it in 6 week chunks

D. Life and Messages of the Apostle Paul6 weeks
1. Follows the journey of Paul
2.Events in the spread of Christianity
3.DVDs and study guides
4.It has adult, youth and children components

E. Faith Questions in a skeptical age8 weeks
1. Hard questions related to faith, religion and the church
2.DVDs and study guides